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Products & Solutions

Textile Automation

  • Metal and fire Protection system

  • Automatic Fire Protection for Bale Plucker

  • Bobbin Transport system

  • Cone Labelling Machine

  • Individual Spindle Monitoring System

  • Humidity/Temperature Display Unit

  • Over Head cleaner control Unit

Industrial Automation

We provide wide range of services for automation of systems like PLC, Drives, SCADA,HMI, DCS, Batch, Safety, MES, ERP Data Integration etc. 
We provide platform independent engineering services for various platforms like Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Wonderware, GE, Honeywell, AutoCAD, EPlan, Microsoft etc.

Software Solutions

  • ERP

  • HRMS

  • CRM

  • E-Leave

  • E-Claim

  • PM

  • MRP

  • Cloud Storage

  • Work Flow

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