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Automate Plant and machinaries, optimize Production capacities, Integrate Smart Factory Automation, Remotely monitor and control Production Facilities

We have the expertise, experience and resources to meet your entire demand with optimized cost by providing resources with high engineering capabilities for

*System study and Configuration design

*Complete System Design and Development;

*PLC / HMI / SCADA / MES / ERP / IoT4.0 application software design, development & testing;

*VB.Net / C# / ASP. Net / Java based Customized Data Acquisition, Reporting requirements support to industry with standard tools

*AMC Support, On-Call Service Support


We are a customer focused vendor partner for providing industrial Automation services and software solutions (PLC/SCADA/MES/ERP/PLM/IoT4.0) in various industrial sectors.


We are specialized in offering quality solutions, both onshore and offshore with Siemens, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell). Our expertise with WinCC, RS View, FT View, Indu soft SCADA, VB.Net, C#.Net and JAVA Based Reporting Package and MES / ERP / PLM Data Base Communication System will assist the customer’s project requirements from initial design to commissioning to production as per global standards.


We serve full range of industrial markets from Dairy Industry, Automotive Industries, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Industry, Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Water and Waste Water Treatment Industry, Steel Industry, Pulp and Paper industry…

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