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Ifour tech Utama focuses on industry 4.0 technologies as its main priority. We are
focused to deliver smart manufacturing solutions justifying ROI for our customers and
reap benefits of the technological revolution.

When it comes to manufacturing operations, we have the expertise to deliver Products
and Solutions through interoperability communication platform that enables industrial
data collection, storage, monitoring, analysis, optimization, execution and business
integration. Our Products and Solutions help our customers to get more value out of their
Automation and IT investments and enable them in their journey towards ‘manufacturing


We have the capability to interface / integrate with any device/system in the manufacturing
environment; be it PLC, DCS, Weigh Scale, Controller, Quality System, MES, ERP,
Home grown IT System and design solution that enables real-time business decisions to
drive single version of truth, greater efficiency and global competitiveness.
We provide IT enabled smart manufacturing solutions, which help customers to
streamline and optimize operations, increase productivity, make informed decisions
based on data analysis, shorten cycle time, and reduce cost thus improving their return
on investment. We enable products to work exactly as per the manufacturing and
operator requirements of our customers and not the other way around!


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- Textile Automation

- Industrial Automation

- Software Solutions

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

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