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 Bobbin transport system safeguard the yarn quality by the contact free and pinpoint transport of the speed frame bobbin. Also the system minimize the man power requirement for transporting bobbins.
 Contactless material transport
 No mix - up of yarn counts
 Relief from heavy lifting
 Reduced labour cost
 Complete control of material flow

Fix link system
An automatically operating circular conveyor continuously runs round one speed frame and a fixed assignment of ring frames.
The continuous conveyor is loaded with full bobbins at the speed frame. At the ring frame, empty bobbins from the creel are exchanged for the full bobbins from the moving conveyor. Automatic bobbin stripper can easily be integrated.
Flexible - Link System
With the flexible link system it is possible to transport different yarn counts which are produced on the roving frames to any given Ring frame. A buffer serves for storing the trolley trains and is able to take up and manage different roving yarn counts. The control system makes sure that the trolley train with the right roving yarn is sent to the designated Ring frame.

Track Profiles
The track is made of a high-strength aluminium profile, allowing large hanging span width. A small profile slot with dual separators guarantees a minimum of contamination. The system is driven by three-phase motors with planetary gearing. A friction wheel with wearresistant covering directly drives the trolley.
Suitable for speed frames with auto doffer attachment. It will automatically exchange full bobbin from speed frame to empty bobbins of Ring frame.
Online Stipper
Automatically cleans remnant rovings from the empty bobbins. Rovings are automatically detected by special
sensor and stripped off from the bobbin with high tech HMI & PLC controlled pneumatic system


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