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  • Automatic  Spark, Metal Detection and Diverting  System  for production lines.

  • Available in different combination like 1. Metal  2. Spark  3. Metal and Spark

  • Requires 5.5 bar Air pressure

  • Requires only 3.4 Meters  for installation and 50m Sec reaction time means less waste

  • Spark is diverted, extinguished and machine stopped with alarm sound also alerts send by SMS

  • Metal is diverted in a collection bag so production is not interrupted

  • Detect / Diverts all metals like brass, stainless steel,  copper and Aluminum

  • Simplified installation in new or existing lines

  • User friendly  digital programme control panel

  • Self monitoring of Air pressure line with digital pressure sensor

  • Automatic  Diagnosis for diverter coil and wiring lines both  for spark sensor and diverter line

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